Military top secret tours

Explore secret hideouts of communist party ready to defend Yugoslavian border

Become a Yugoslavian soldier and discover military history of Vis

Due to fear of espionage island Vis was known as Forbidden island and it remained off limit to tourists for a long time.

Since the time of Illyrian queen Teuta resistance to Julie Cezar island Vis was always under attacks of numerous navy fleets. Because of highly important geo-strategical position it was for centuries crucial piece of land in the middle of Adriatic Sea. For more then 50 years Yugoslavian engineers were preparing this island for nuclear war.

Check out glorious island undergrounds and explore secret hideouts of communist party ready to defend Yugoslavian border. It is going to be fascinating off-road experience during which You will be stopping at diverse historical military facilities all over the island. Feel intense aroma of rosemary, lavender and immortelle all over the island while exploring secret underground bases and other sites of this once highly protected military zone. With us you’ll be entering in island Vis secret underground tunnels that spies despatches by CIA and KGB could not handle.

We will take You to explore colonialist forts, remains of first city in Croatia, ancient polis Issa, hidden war cave of Marshal Tito, alliance forces airport, navel tunnel, underground wine cellars and museums. Beside history our guides will provide incentive program like AK target shooting.

Become a Yugoslavian soldier and take exciting challenges supervised by our team.

Attention: Exploration of certain installations requires high level of mental preparedness, equipment, experienced guide and off-road vehicle. It is necessary to wear proper closed shoes (not flip flops) before the tour.

Optional: It’s recommendable to visit the wine cellar in the X military undermine, which includes wine gustation of highest quality island’s wines.

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Price starts from

50 EUR / 376,73 HRK

per person

Duration: according to your time and schedule on island Vis we will organize the best Military Top Secret tour

Start: from Vis Special office/info desk or location according to your wishes (accommodation, boat, etc.)

Each group has a limited number of participants.
Please book in advance.

All our tours can be private and custom tailored according to your desires, for more info contact us.

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