"Vis Special" invites you to join island festivals and events...

Fishing night in Komiža - August
Vis City night in Komiža - August
Sabatina - October
Carnival - traditional folk festival - February
St. Nikola - 2000 years of traditional burning ships - patron pf Komiža City - December
Velika Gospa - August
St. Antonio - June
St. George - patron of Vis City - April

Sports Challenges:

"Vis Regatta" - October
"Adriatic Regatta" - May
"Palagružonska Regatta" (Latin sails racing) - June
"Jump to Vis" - September
"Vis Special" provides transportation and accommodation for visitors and participants contact us and enjoy on the island's celebrations and events!

Natural attractions of the island of Vis:

Sea caves: Blue cave, Medvidina, Green Cave
Unique bays: Stiniva, Srebarna, Stončica, Milna, Zoglov, Trovna, Parja, Smokova, etc.
Terrestrial caves: Tito's cave, Queen's cave.
Islands: Budihovac, Brusnik, Jabuka, Sv. Andrija, Palagruža, etc.

 Islands wines and gastronomy:

 "Bugava" and "Plovac Moli", are the alpha and omega of Vis winemaking. The choice of island's manufacturers and wine sorts is very wide. Besides wine, there are original schnapps, liqueurs and other delicious specialties from domestic manufacturers and enthusiasts.
  The popular culinary specialties such as "Beans on brujet", "Sardins on the rožonj" and "Salten fish pie" are just some of the indigenous island dishes. "Octopus under an iron bell", "scampi a la buzara" and other fresh "slow food" specialties and ecologically grown vegetables and salads are an integral part of the island's gastronomic tradition. The famous island delicacies such as the fig cake called "Hib" and delicacies such as "Bruštuloni almonds", "Cviti" and "Hruštule", will sweet up your time on the island of Vis, and an occasional recipe you will surely capture for your culinary collection.

Military tunnels of island Vis:

Command Center called the Big head, rocket base, Sea tunnel for ships, underground storage with rails, battery nests, underground fuel tanks, etc.

Note: visit only in company of local guides or escort!

Towers and Forts of Vis:

The Fort of St. George (Fortica),Fort Madonna (Archeological museum),
the Komuna Fort in Komiža (Ethnographic Museum), Fort Perast, Terjun, Manjaremi, Fort Wellington, Zonko Tower, Muster monastery Tower (one of the oldest towers on Adriatic), etc.

"Issa" City-State: 

  The first Greek colony on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, founded in 4.ct.BC. Visit the ancient Therme (heated baths remains), Theatre (monastery on the peninsula Prilovo), city wall, flooded port, the street, archeological museum and necropolis.


  Archeological museum in Vis, located in Austria-Hungary battery Fort "Madonna" from the beginning of the 19th century. The emphasis is on the rich hydro-archaeological collection of amphorae, which is displayed in the same way as on an ancient merchant ship. The museum has the largest collection of Hellenistic artifacts in Croatia, including a magnificent bronze head of the goddess Artemis - the symbol of the ancient Issa.

  The fishermen Museum is located in Fort "Komuna" in Komiža, built in the 16th century. In this ethnographic museum you can see an original example of the famous Falkuša - an important ship of the island's fishing history, made on the island of Vis. Falkuša is a small fishermen boat powered by the oars and sails. This wooden boat symbolizes Komiža, the island of Vis and Croatia. The replica of the Falkuša was representing Croatia at the Lisbon's EXPO. In the museum is a collection of the first fishing tools exhibited as well as fishing equipment, marine knox and inventions of Komiža's fishermen.


Other interesting sites:

"Velo gomila" - "Ionis centery" and the ancient lighthouse;
"Krushovica" - An ancient water spring near the villages of Duboka, Podšpilje and Pohumlje;
"Japnenica" - prepared and never burned.