With responsable tourism to the future!

There is no compromises between mass tourism and the unexploted island of Vis as it is today! Our efforts are always going in the direction of autohthonous high quality offer. We want to preserve the destination based on the unique experiences of the island visitors, experience which you can live through only in ambient which island is offering now, natural as it is, distaned from the mass tourism paths and transits. Easy, in small groups, without tight scheduls and in a pleasant atmosphere, with our guides and hosts or on Your solo explorations, experiance is sincere as the island itself. 

And You can help - a responsable tourist

  Help to make sure that tourism and tourist visits stay a positive experience for the guests and for the hosts.

Here are some sugestions for minimising a negative influances and for the cultural sensible tourism: respect the nature, disspose the garbage as it's regulated, watch out with fire and ciggarets, learn some frazes from the dialect (evala-hy) and local tradition (bevanda - half glass of wine and other half of water), help island's artists, mandatory drink wine with a fish dish.

 How Your holiday can make a difference

The DMC "Vis Special" is cooperating with numerus island's cooperators. Most of us have been living on Vis whole our lifes. To many tourism is the main or secundary source of incomes. We have direct incomes from our mutual arrangements: accommodation services, transportations, excursions, restaurant services, distribution of island's natural and hand made products, and other services connected together for Your complete holiday on our island.

There are many positive examples of infuance of tourism on local economy and island's prosperity. Because of today's trend of the island's depopulation, it's important that the tourist season is succesfull and that all the guest are happy with our services and willing to come to Vis again. Your holiday on the island of Vis has positive influance on prosperity of the island of Vis and it's islanders.

 Sustainable tourisam - the best tourisam for Vis!