Independent holiday, island Vis, Dalmatia, CroatiaYour choice is primary a vacation without a timetable...

   Sometimes is the best to do nothing, and some places are made just for that! Try simply "to be" instead "to do", and maybe you'll discover a second face of your surrounding, and maybe you'll discover yourself. So, easy going, choose a cocktail and chilling out.

   On the independent vacation you have the possibility to stay flexible in every moment! Island Vis is just that - slowly, easy going. You don't want to plan a head too much - we'll arrange your activities when you arrive.

"Fjaka" is our strongest link!

If you feel that the Island of Vis can offer the kind of relaxive environment you need for your vacation, please contact us with your dates, general and special requirements like: town / village / coastal accommodation; house / apartment / room with access to kitchen and bathroom. We'll forward you details, photos and costs.