Family holiday, island Vis, Dalmatia, CroatiaVis is an exceptional destination for a family vacation...

  At your disposal Vis Special offer many accommodation unites, adapted for family vacation, situated all over the island. We offer a large choice of thematic excursions to unique island's attractions and locations which will awake the children and parents imagination and stay in nice memory for a long time to the whole family.

  In Vis Special office you have the possibility to rent cars, boats, kayaks, a large choice of bikes for children and adults with additional equipment like children seats and trailers, children helmets etc.

  In association with the island bike club we can organize a school of Mtb for beginners.

  Discount for children up to 12 years old.

  If you feel that the Island of Vis can offer you the kind of environment you need for your family vacation, please contact us with your dates, general and special requirements: town / village / coastal accommodation; house/ apartment. We'll forward you details, photos and costs.