Diving, island Vis, Dalmatia, Croatia
Dive around Vis to unique diving locations...

For a long time island's aquatori was strictly a forbidden area for foreigners. Today, because of the numerous diving locations, the aqua tori of island Vis is becoming a very interesting diving destination.

Now you can choose in between a few local diving clubs with which you can go diving into the interesting Vis sea. We'll connect you with experienced island's operators which will take you diving to "Fighting fort", to sea caves, to trading ships with amphorae and canons, to volcanic islets of Vis aqua tori, etc.

Also in our offer: diving school for beginners.

If you like, we can organize picnics for after the daily tour, with islands gastronomic specialties and wines, beer and natural juices. While we talk through the experience from the tour, we'll watch photos from that day, which is going to make your island experience even nicer.

The trip may be delayed due to bad weather conditions or insufficient number of participants.

Each group has a limited number of participants. Please book in advance.