Top Secret tour, island Vis, Dalmatia, Croatia On this fully guided tour we will visit the most special Yugoslavian undermines and discover the story of the „Forbidden Island“

Beside marine base undermine for boats and submarines, tunnels and canons nests of battery base in the cliffs of the north coast, we'll also visit the island's biggest military base, underground fuel base, Fort George and historical museum inside of this fort. This tour will take us through the stories about "Battle under Lissa", British presence on Vis, "Battle under Vis", historical names from Vis history like Tito, Tegetthoff, Teuta, etc. It's going to become clear to you why the island of Vis was Tito's top secret fort of the Adriatic Sea.

Island Vis has more than 15 communist military bases and undermines of different lengths and widths of the passages. We can customize this tour after your wishes and decide together which locations to visit. 

Attention: Exploration of certain installations requires a high level of mental preparedness, equipment, off road vehicle and escort of an experienced guide!  

Additional: It's recommendable to visit the wine cellar in the X military undermine, which includes wine gustation of highest quality island's wines. We also recommend tour route around the whole island (a circle around Vis) which can include visit of locations like underground press and propaganda center, highest point (586 m), special wine tasting with snack, etc.

Make this top experience more active by riding this tour by our TREK push bikes or on foot.


Duration by off road vehicle: 2.5 H + wine tasting time (on demand); 

Duration by push bike: 3 h (total cycling 1h:20min) + wine tasting time (on demand);

Duration on foot: 4 h (total hiking 2h:10min) + wine tasting time (on demand);

Power demand: light-medium, max peak: 60 meters, surface: mix, gravel 30%.


Start: Vis Special office or location of your accommodation;

Private excursion price: 405 Kn/54 Euro per person;


Group excursion price: 260 Kn/36 Euro per person;

Price includes: off road vehicle, or bike (TREK) and equipment, a guide, insurance;

Not included in price: drinks/snack/dinner.


Each group has a limited number of participants. Please book in advance.